Brochure for Parents

I designed this for a class I’m taking, and was hoping for some feedback from others. (Technically, I’ve just submitted it, so I haven’t received¬†any feedback yet.) It think this is a good introduction to parents, and a few of the MOOCs I’ve taken have mentioned writing to parents. Would this be a better replacement for or addition to a letter to my students’ parents/legal guardians?

Parents' BrochureParents' Brochure 2


2 thoughts on “Brochure for Parents

  1. bretbenesh says:

    I think this is a great idea, and I particularly like the bit about how some things the child learns might be different from what the parents learned. My only suggestion is to maybe give a sentence of why this is—maybe something like “These new lessons and methods are designed to improve number sense and to give an understand of how mathematics works.” Something like that, except better written. I think knowing that there is a purpose to the new stuff might help reduce parents’ frustration.

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